Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Reuters is carrying a story about a ruse prostitutes in Mexico City are using to knock their johns/tricks out and rob them. Apparently the prostitutes are putting the same drug used to dilate your eyes at LensCrafters in drinks to knock men out.

So, in essence, the hookers in Mexico City are slipping men mickeys to rob them. Seems fair enough, although apparently some guys die from this mix. On the other hand, there is a certain assumption of risk inherent in being a john, so caveat emptor when it comes to a mickey in your drink.

However, the article also reported on the experience of one gentleman that frankly seems like dirty pool to me. I will quote directly.

"One 39-year-old man who survived his ordeal and woke up giddy and missing his wallet, said he was careful not to let his drink out of his sight -- but unwittingly ingested the drug after the sex worker secretly applied it to her nipples."


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